Anger management never occured to the gladiator

Ghostfire Games have just announced that they're running a contest to give 15 lucky gamers a free copy of their newest WiiWare release Rage of the Gladiator.

All you have to do is Twitter their account with your Wii Code and one winner will be chosen each day to receive a copy of the game. You can check out the details below for more information.

Win a free copy of “Rage of the Gladiator”

Ghostfire Games has announced they are giving away free copies of their newly released title, “Rage of the Gladiator” for WiiWare.

To enter the contest, add them on Twitter (@GhostfireGames) and send the following message on Twitter:

#rageofthegladiator is available now on WiiWare! I want Rage of the Gladiator! My Wii friend code is XXYYZZ! @GhostfireGames

Each person should put in their own individual Wii Friend Code where the XXYYZZ is located.

This contest will be running from April 1st through April 15th. Each day a new winner will be selected. Players can re-enter the contest every day until they win. Contest is open to North America only!

More information about the contest is available here:

If you still haven't checked out our Rage of the Gladiator review be sure and check it out. And good luck to everyone!