Who to tackle first?

There's a little bit for everyone this week, as all three services get at least one good to great title. DSiWare obviously steals the show again with the usual four releases, while WiiWare gets two and the Virtual Console gets its usual one. Keep in mind these games won't be available until midnight (Central European Time), Nintendo has just revealed the releases in advance this time!


Rage of the Gladiator (1000pts - Ghostfire Games) – Clearly taking a lot of inspiration from Punch-Out!!, this is pretty much a fantasy version of Nintendo's boxing game, allowing you to square off against various mythological creatures. It's got quite a bit more depth to it than the series it's inspired by though, and on the whole is incredible enjoyable, as our Rage of the Gladiator review will tell you.

Bloons (500pts - Hands-On Mobile) – A very lazy port of a moderately popular mobile phone game in which the objective is to pop balloons by throwing darts at them. It was decent on the go, but it just doesn't work on a Wii - Thanks in part to the incredibly frustrating controls which consist of nothing more than simply attempting to time the power and arc of your throw correctly. Miss one dart and it's pretty much over! Our Bloons review will tell you exactly why to avoid it.

Virtual Console

Mega Man 4 (500pts NES - Capcom) – The fourth of the Blue Bomber's 8-bit escapades, and also the one with the most varied opinions, with Mega Man fans calling it both the worst and best in the series. It brought some new innovations to the table, at least - It's the first game where Mega Man can charge his shots, and the first game with two castles to clear after defeating the eight Robot Masters. Rest assured we'll have a review soon after release.


Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop (500pts - Namco Bandai) – The latest in the Mr. Driller series doesn't really try anything special. It's just plain old Mr. Driller, but now available for download on DSiWare, which we believe to be a better fit than the previous WiiWare release. You can read our Mr. Driller: Drill Till You Drop review to discover the specifics.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight for Survival (800pts - Ubisoft) – A cut down version of a retail game, this one is quite similar to the last one, only with dinosaurs instead of dragons. It's still fairly mediocre though, as our Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs - Fight of Survival review will tell you.

System Flaw Recruit (500pts - Enjoy Gaming) – Another game based on a retail release, this one is played almost exclusively using the DSi's camera. Simply aim around your current location and various creatures and other things will pop up, which you must eliminate to advance through the stages. Seems like it could be fun to mess around with, we'll let you know if it is soon.

Pocket Pack: Words & Numbers (500pts - Mere Mortals) – Unlike most DSiWare puzzle games, this one doesn't just contain Sudoku or something else, because there's at least five games, which are Anagrams, Sudoku, Kakuro, Word Cubes and Word Guess. If there's any more we'll let you know in our review.

Will you be partaking in some more Mega Man action after the recent release of 10, or will you get something else?