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We previously reported that this game was to be released in Japan, and Capcom just announced its Western debut on June 8th. You can preorder it now and pick it up for just $29.99.

Mega Man Zero Collection encompasses all four releases in the Game Boy Advance series, originally introduced in 2002. Additional features include both the games' original difficulty levels as well as a new "Easy Scenario" mode, customisable controls, unlockable wallpapers and cards and an art gallery. You can read the full press release below.

The Mega Man Zero Collection for Nintendo DS will be released in June. The new release includes all four Mega Man Zero games, previously released for GameBoy Advance, on one DS cart.

The first Mega Man Zero game was released in 2002. It featured Zero, a character that was introduced in the Mega Man X series. In the Mega Man Zero Collection you can follow Zero through a dark and thrilling 2D action adventure.