Nearly cheaper than chips

It’s been a while since we’ve reported on the price of the Wii following its up down up down charade last year, but the drought stops here.

A recent survey by UK trade magazine MCV of 25 retailers has shown the console’s cost to consumers now stands at a measly £155.56, nearly £25 lower than the recommended retail price. Want to know who came out most cheaply? Magazines-and-stationery megachain WHSmith, surprisingly, offering the machine at just £120 as it attempts to sell off its games stock completely.

Nintendo itself has not changed the cost price of the console to retailers, meaning some may be making extremely slim profits, or even losses, on the sale of the machines. With the DSi also heavily discounted against its RRP at some retailers – and with rumours of the XL receiving price cuts in the coming weeks – it seems now’s a good time to be in the market for a Nintendo console, but perhaps not such a good time to be a bean-counter.