We won't be seeing this in 3D, then?

Q Entertainment's James Mielke has tweeted regarding the recent announcement of the Nintendo 3DS, and what he had to say doesn't sound too positive from where we're sitting.

Mielke used the popular social networking portal to state that he believes the 3DS will be 'impossible for anyone other than Nintendo to make money on'.

He also pointed out the fact that because the machine looks set to use RAM-based carts, it would fail to find favour with long-suffering third-party publishers who have so far struggled to make Nintendo-sized profits on the existing DS hardware. It would seem his belly-aching is more to do with the fact that he works for a leading handheld developer (Q Entertainment is the studio behind the excellent Lumines and Meteos series) rather than his opinion of the device itself; though the hardware may be excellent, developers may struggle to compete.

It wasn't all bad though – Mielke added that there will most likely be massive demand for the machine at launch. You heard it here first, folks.

[source pocketgamer.co.uk]