Gamelion Studios' upcoming Furry Legends has been a bit quiet recently, but the studio has just sent over a new teaser trailer showing the title is coming along nicely. Although it doesn't show much, the spherical cow is almost certainly the cutest thing you'll see on the Internet today. If it's not, you should reconsider your bookmarks.

Accompanying the trailer was the announcement the game will be going episodic, with Chapter 1 currently at Nintendo of America and Europe, with a Q2 release still on the cards. Chapter 2, which will not require the first episode to be playable, will feature completely different environments and is currently in development now.

Sebastian Szczygiel, VP at Gamelion Studios, had this to say:

Due to the file size limitations of 40MB we felt that this was the only way we could get out to the WiiWare market all the content we actually did for this game.

Still not sure this title's for you? Spherical cow compels you to be interested. Keep your eyes peeled for some more exclusive – and rather exciting – Furry Legends coverage in the coming weeks.