Hank Chien may now sitting pretty at the top of the Donkey Kong high score tree but to get to that point he very nearly had to make a difficult lifestyle choice.

Speaking in a recent interview with Details Magazine, Chien revealed that due to a lack of space in his humble abode - which he shares with his brother - he almost had to get rid of one of three essential items in order to accommodate the Donkey Kong arcade cabinet.

Those items were the fridge, the sofa or the toilet. Tough choice.

Thankfully he was able to fit the arcade machine in front of his balcony and therefore spare himself (and his long-suffering brother) the indignity of not being able to take a poop.

Chien's impressive score of 1,061,700 grabbed the world record from previous holder Billy Mitchell, but in the interview he gives a rather worrying insight into the life of a high score chaser. He reveals that at one point he was "not eating and not doing laundry."

Chien also says that another former world champ, the legendary Steve Wiebe, has gone out of his way to congratulate him on his triumph but so far he has heard nothing from Mitchell.

While both Mitchell and Wiebe may be depressed about the sudden appearance of this new Donkey Kong champ, Chien insists that his score is perfectly beatable, explaining that "two of my deaths were completely stupid."

He adds that if no one rises to the challenge, he'll just have another pop at extending his score.

[source kotaku.com, via details.com]