These fellas sure love to self-destruct

Poké-fans in Europe may remember last year when during their Pokémon journey in Pokémon Platimum they discovered they couldn't play the slots like they could in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. It seems this trend continues with Pokémon SoulSliver and HeartGold as well, though this time instead of simply picking up coins a new minigame called "Voltorb Flip" replaces the old slots.

This is due to EU law that has been brought in about the promotion of gambling, in particular that of promoting gambling to under-age children. With the newer laws Nintendo would have to accept a higher age raiting on the series or remove Game Corner, so it's understandable they have taken the latter option.

Voltorb Flip is described as "minesweeper meets picross" by Nintendo Official Magazine's Chris Scullion:

You're presented with a 5x5 grid consisting of 25 squares. Behind each square is either a number or a Voltorb. If you reveal a number that multiplies the number of coins you've earned in that round. So if you get a '1' your coin count stays the same, get a '2' and it doubles, get a '3' and it triples. If you uncover a Voltorb though, you lose all your coins for that round.

Those who have fond memories of losing hours to minesweeper on their Windows PC's may be pleased with this news, though it's a blow for Game Corner fans. Still, at least this time European Pokétrainers can do something other than check slots for spare change in the hopes of winning the likes of Dratini this time!