Nintendo: It's what's for breakfast

Do you remember the Nintendo Cereal System from 1988? It let people who just couldn't get enough of Mario and Zelda to pour them into a bowl and eat them, keeping their spirits (but, sadly, not powers) with you all throughout the day by way of two different types of cereal: fruit-flavored for Mario, berry for Zelda. It came with some neat collectible cards, and you could even get a PowerPad or a sweet Mario cereal bowl through offers on the box.

In yet another example of video game collector's having no limits, an unopened box of the NCS was bid on 22 times and eventually sold on eBay for $207.50 USD.

To whoever bought it: please don't eat this cereal. If you do, please post a video online for the world to watch in morbid fascination, or at the very least live-tweet your taste bud sensations. And try sending in for that Mario cereal bowl.