Oldschool Mario with a Tetris-twist

Newgrounds user and all-round genius SwingSwing has created a fantastic Mario/Tetris mash-up named Tuper Tario Tros. Blending the platformer and puzzle genres, the game involves traversing the usual Mario landscape with your usual repertoire of jumping and, err... more jumping. When Mario encounters an obstacle he's unable to jump across, players hit the spacebar to switch the game into Tetris mode. You must then rely on your mad-stacking-skillz to create platforms and ledges for our Italian friend. Hit the spacebar again to switch back to Mario, and you're off again!

It's a brilliant homage to both games, and more importantly, it's creative, innovative and highly addictive. Nintendo Life advises against playing this game at work, at school or whilst operating heavy machinery.

[source newgrounds.com]