The rumor mill is a-cranking

The rumor mill has been cranked to the max as the Nintendo corners of the Internet are abuzz with supposedly leaked details on the next Zelda game.

Zelda Informer (via GoNintendo) is reporting a handful of leaks coming out of the Japanese forum site 2chan (of which 4chan is a rough equivalent) regarding Zelda Wii. The details are not huge, bar one or two tidbits that might be considered spoilers, but what's there is certainly enough to get tongues wagging again!

According to the leak, the game will allow you to choose to be a right- or left-handed Link. So far the team has allegedly finished gameplay and basic mechanics and are currently working on polishing the story and characters. The source also describes an innkeeper in Link's home village whose son looks up to our green-suited hero.

The source then spilled some beans on the woman featured in the artwork for Zelda Wii revealed at E3 last year. Her name is said to be either Adelle, Adella, or Aderu, and she is allegedly not the Master Sword as some have speculated. The character apparently will not be with Link for the entire game either. The 2chan source also suggested that the Master Sword isn't even in the game, instead replaced by a weapon with unlockable abilities that is also used to communicate with Adelle/Adella/Aderu. Oh, and time travel is supposedly back in too.

While it is entirely possible that all of this is a load of bull, it's important to note 2ch's track record when it comes to leaks. The forum was the first to break every Kingdom Hearts game, information on Metal Gear Solid 4 as well as Resident Evil 4. So there is some precedent, but again, like with all rumors take this with a healthy dose of salt.

That being said, let the speculation begin anew!