Create your own postcards!

Nnooo has just sent out the official announcement of their newest DSiWare app myPostcards. You can check out the official press release below for more information on the upcoming title and we'll keep you informed of any new developments regarding the application.

Following the highly successful launch of myNotebook™ Nnooo is pleased to announce the development of myPostcards™ the second title in Nnooo's new myLifeCollected™ range of lifestyle applications for Nintendo DSiWare™

myPostcards is a creativity application for the Nintendo DSi™ which allows users to take a photo, write a note and then share the created postcards with friends via email, traditional mail or even Facebook™. With over 50 different background themes and 12 stamps to apply users will be limited only by their imagination.

"myPostcards allows any Nintendo DSi owner to create a neat looking postcard to record any situation or event and then share it with friends. Once they have made the postcard they can email it, print it out and post it or even upload it to Facebook", said Nic Watt, Creative Director, Nnooo.

Users of myPostcards can take a new photo using one of the two Nintendo DSi's cameras or choose an existing photo from their Nintendo DSi photo Album. They then write a note (or doodle), choose a background theme, apply a stamp and then save the postcard. Sharing the postcard with friends is possible by using the Facebook connectivity or SD card functionality built into all Nintendo DSi's.

"We have worked hard to ensure that users can quickly and easily make a postcard whenever they find themselves in a situation which they simply must share with friends and family. We really like the idea of capturing a moment on camera and adding a note to share with friends. There was always something nice about getting a postcard in the mail from friends and family and we feel that with myPostcards we are providing a more modern take on this great form of communication", said Watt.

Users can unlock new background themes to customise their postcards with while owners of previous Nnooo software are also in for some special themed backgrounds as thanks for their continued support.

myNotebook is Nnooo's third piece of software for the Nintendo DSi™ and the second application in its new myLifeCollected range.