Some of the weirdest Robot Masters in the series!

Things are pretty bleak on the Virtual Console in Europe at the moment, but that isn't stopping Japan from continuing to bring more awesome downloads to the table. It's pretty easy to guess what game is being released to build up hype for Mega Man 10, and Nintendo will be releasing the Super Famicom in their beloved war series. Meanwhile, Konami pumps out two more MSX classics.

Made your guesses? Check to see if you were right below in Japan's full February lineup:


  • Mega Man 4 (Considered by many to be the weakest "classic" Mega Man game, it's still relatively enjoyable and similar to the others. It's the first one to feature chargable buster shots.)

Super Famicom:

  • Super Famicom Wars (The second console installment in the Wars series and the first one to feature different characters to play as. One of them is Hitler, pretty much!)


  • Contra (The first game in one of the hardest series ever, Konami has opted to release the MSX version over the NES one.)
  • Quarth (A puzzle game in which the objective is to shoot blocks upward, in order to mould the advancing mass of other blocks into rectangles or squares, causing them to disappear.)

The only one of these the rest of the world is likely to see is Mega Man 4, but of course we can't help but wonder when we're going to see Contra!