4-bit art wanted!

Want your art to be featured in a popular video game but lack a game job? Well, you might be able to weasel your way in yet as developers Gaijin Games are taking fan art submissions for use in the upcoming fourth series entry, BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

According to Gaijin's Web site, the art in question should be "solid colors that are very blocky and in the BIT.TRIP art style" with a general "4 bit" aesthetic. There's no limit as to how many fan-pieces they'll use as of yet, which sounds like you'd have a good shot so long as it looks decent. And with 50 stages in the game, there's a lot of potential for getting your stuff plastered on the wall.

Pop on over to the Gaijin blog for details on how to enter. Don't forget to check out the latest episode of Nintendo Life's chip/game music podcast NLFM for more details on BIT.TRIP RUNNER.

[source gaijingames.com]