Go swimming with the arapaimas on February 5th

You won't have to hold your breath too much longer for Nintendo's next dive 'em up, as Nintendo announce the game will see a release across Europe on February 5th, 2010. Promising new features over the acclaimed original, including Wii Speak support and a new Pulsar gun that sounds like it was made for multiplayer deathmatches, Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep should offer more of the same soothing oceanic investigation. Here's the press release:

Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep offers six new ocean locations to explore. Plunge into the icy Arctic waters or explore the sunken wrecks in the Aegean Sea and, for the first time, venture into rivers such as the mysterious Brazilian Amazon to discover a vast array of freshwater wildlife. You can even step ashore onto dry land to encounter birds and other non-aquatic wildlife.

Your diving missions will include helping maintain coral reefs, riding on dolphins and swimming with humpback whales. You will be equipped with new tools to aid in your encounters. The Pulsar gun will be required to repel any unexpected encounters with predators of the deep, but will also allow you to heal any sick creatures you may discover on your quest.

As well as enjoying the mesmeric and relaxing underwater scenery, you can locate precious artefacts using your Treasure Detector, act as a diving escort and take photographs for nature magazines - building your diving skills and opening up new challenges as you go. As you explore, you can complete missions and solve mysteries before moving on to a new area.

The game offers single and multiplayer modes and via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection you can link to another player’s Wii and explore each other’s oceans and rivers. Using Wii Speak, you can share your encounters, marine missions and swim with your fellow explorers.

With its realistic and beautiful graphics, Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep offers a whole new world of discovery, and launches across Europe for Wii on 5 February 2010.