Free free free

Soundtracks as good as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's are few and far between. Now over a decade old, those sweeping symphonics sound, on a technical level, a bit aged thanks to the N64's compressed cartridge medium.

Good thing the series has a very talented fanbase with groups like ZREO then, who painstakingly reorchestrate the music from all entries. So painstakingly that they weren't too pleased with the equalization of 22 of the 82 tracks on their Ocarina of Time release, so they went back to do them all over again. And now they're done!

The result is a top-notch trip through original composer Koji Kondo's masterful score sure to poke that nostalgic spot of yours. And you can't argue with free, so make sure to snap this up soon in case Nintendo "asks" them to pull it.