Puzzling and fighting in one!

This week's releases aren't too surprising, with many games that have been out in North America for some time. One game, however, that might be noteworthy, can be found on DSiWare.

For Virtual Console, there's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia, the game that inspired a recent, rather good franchise revival. Unfortunately, time has not been very kind to the original - it feels dated in comparison, but can still be enjoyed if you try hard enough.

Street Fighter II': Champion Edition is a bit of a weird pick for this week's releases, because it's an import. Could this mean another Hanabi Festival is starting? The game itself is just another version of Street Fighter II, really - It doesn't really offer anything over the other versions currently available, although it is quite faithful to the arcade game. Since it's a Japanese import, some of the character names are switched around and it costs 700 Wii Points instead of the usual 600 for a Turbografx game. Check out our review.

DSiWare is still in dire need of platformers, so along comes the Gameloft-developed Castle of Magic. For only 500 DSi Points, it's great fun - Easily the best platformer currently available on the service, not that it's got much competition! Our review will tell you all you need to know.

Littlest Pet Shop really only seems to be geared towards young girls, and involves taking care of one of three pets and playing minigames. Everything will be over before you know it, so spending 800 DSi Points on this probably isn't a very good idea unless you want to check out what the game is like before picking up any of the (likely superior) retail versions. You can read what we thought here.

Starship Patrol is definitely today's most interesting release - It's yet another seemingly unique game developed by Q Games, who recently released two fantastic games in the form of Art Style: INTERSECT and Reflect Missile. A spin on the tower defense genre, you must attach weapons to your spaceships in strategic spots in order to take down the incoming enemies. Just like both their previous games, it's only 500 DSi Points as well, which is quite cheap. We'll review it soon.

There's also another "bit" of a Magic Made Fun - A Little Bit of... Magic Made Fun: Psychic Camera allows you to see exactly what playing card or symbol your friend is thinking of by taking a photo of them. Not included in the original game, but does it really seem all that exciting? At least it's only 200 DSi Points again! We'll have a review soon.

Finally for DSiWare, there's myNotebook: Green, which is the second and final alternate colour notebook you can get. None of the features are any different - It's exactly the same, just with the colour green being dominant.

Finally, WiiWare gets two new games this week. Moki Moki is a puzzler by Natsume, in which the objective is to rescue the titular Moki by moving obstacles into them, causing them to move (As they cannot move on their own), hopefully into the vortex that marks the exit. Although there's 100 levels, there's practically no variation in them - You'll be doing exactly the same from start to finish, which means it can get boring fast. Top that off with a price of 800 Wii Points and it's probably not a wise idea to buy it. You can read what we thought here.

Eat! Fat! FIGHT! is actually part of a well-known Japanese sumo series that's been going since the Famicom days - Tsuppari Oozumou. This marks the first time one of the games has been released elsewhere! Combining puzzle action with fighting, the objective is to do as well as possible in a puzzle game to get food to stuff yourself with, increasing your weight and making yourself a much more formidable opponent in the sumo fights that follow. Sean must be magic, because he wrote some first impressions on the title when it was released in Japan, which you can now read to give you an idea of what the game is like. At 1000 Wii Points it might seem like a bit of a risky buy, but if Sean likes it then you should be in the clear!

A mini-Hanabi Festival over the next few weeks? Let's hope!