Should we laugh or cry?

Stuart Hughes, a gentleman from Liverpool, happened to become rather bored with his white plastic Wii. Rather than sitting at home whining about it, he decided to put his skills as a jeweller to work and create something rather different.

The results of his labours? This rather fine golden Wii, or Wii SUPREME as Stuart calls it. Crafted with over two-and-a-half kilos of 22ct gold, a total of 19.5ct diamonds, six months of tireless precision and literally limitless quantities of poor taste, the Wii SUPREME will be limited to just three units for fine purveyors of videogaming bling. We at Nintendo Life have no doubt that rappers will happily shoot their rivals to get one of these. Please note your controllers will still be in boring old plastic as Mr Hughes is presumably too busy admiring his console handiwork to cover those fiddle buttons in the same golden treatment.

This fine piece of 'art' will set you, or your neighbourhood rockstar, back 300,000 of your finest Pounds Sterling. Stuart proudly boasts the Wii SUPREME (we aren't joking, supreme is in all caps) is the world's most expensive console. Apparently Stuart hasn't tried to find a Neo Geo MVS with its full ROM set.

Ben Heck, eat your heart out.