Sometimes you get and sometimes you get got

WiiWare has brought us some oddities during 2009, from vegetable hairdressing to zoo-keeping and even a little game of catch in-between. This trend looks set to continue in 2010, with the release of quirky light-gun game Fast Draw Showdown this Monday.

Offering a unique twist on the light-gun game - there’s no rolling screens or moving targets here - it’s just you, a gun and one man to shoot. As the name suggests, the emphasis is on the speed of your reactions, with players responsible for cleaning the streets of gringos in a series of... well, fast draw showdowns.

Coming from the makers of Mad Dog Mcree, the game is a live-action FMV shooter with actors who would struggle to get a part in an Uwe Boll film. Also featuring is genuine fast-drawer Wes Flowers, who acts as the final showdown to add an air of authenticity to the comedy.

You can expect Nintendo Life to be quick on the draw with a review as soon as the dust settles.