Now with more Mario

Nintendo is making the DSi an even more attractive purchase this Friday to coincide with American Shopping Day by bundling in over $20 in downloadable software with certain models.

The metallic blue DSi (a new color) will come loaded with five Mario-themed games and apps, namely Dr. Mario Express, Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, WarioWare: Snapped! and the plumber's clock and calculator apps. Hey, three out of five ain't bad.

If you'd rather flex your grey matter, the white DSi will include Brain Age Express: Arts & Letters, Sudoku and Math; as well as Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics and the Photo Clock app, which Nintendo says will let you "experience all the enjoyment of a photo album while ensuring you won’t lose track of the time." We said it's pretty crap but hey, free is free.

Might want to call ahead and see if your preferred retailer is participating and start camping out right after that turkey dinner.