Let's get ready to rumble!

It's an all-new game affair this week - There's not a single retro game in sight. WiiWare gets a mighty 4 new releases, but don't be fooled too much - Two of them are just demos North America got Monday but we didn't yet. DSiWare gets 4 games too, but there's no tomfoolery going around there.

Arguably the biggest release this week is Pokémon Rumble, a fighting game with a ton of Pokémon to pick from. The catch is that it's no longer turn-based like in practically every other game in the series, but real-time - So you've got to constantly look out for enemy attacks while delivering your own. It's developed by Ambrella, which scared us initially, as their resume of good Pokémon games is not considered very good - But as it turns out it's one of the better WiiWare games available and comes well recommended for any Pokémon fan. Just be warned, it comes in at a hefty 1500 Wii Points!

This week brings us a second Hudson WiiWare game, after last week's My Zoo. Shootanto: Evolutionary Mayhem is pretty much a quirky shooting gallery game in which you start off playing as a monkey - Then gradually evolve into a human being. Your weapons are also upgraded along the way - You'll start off by throwing coconuts, but eventually you'll be using guns. We thought it wasn't too great, but not too bad either, so if you want a shooting gallery game it might be worth a look for its measly 500 Wii Point price.

As said, there's also two new demos available today which North America got earlier this week already. The first is, logically, for Pokémon Rumble, so you can try before you buy. The second is for World of Goo, but really, does anyone still need convincing that that's a fantastic game?

DSiWare's releases this week are quite a varied bunch. A Little Bit of... All Time Classics: Strategy Games is the only one we've got a review for already. Like the previous two games, it contains five games from the retail game 42 All-Time Classics, this time with a strategy theme. It costs 500 points, and you can read our review here.

After a two week delay, the portable version of UNO is now finally here, so if you held off on buying the WiiWare version in favour of portability, then now's your chance. It's still 500 points, which is still quite fair.

myNotebook: Blue is the first in a set of three notebook applications by Nnooo, the creators of Pop. As the title implies, everything in this release has a blue colour scheme, with the two other versions coming out in the next weeks having two other colours. We're not sure if there will be other differences, so you might just want to wait for the colour you like most! It costs 200 points.

Army Defender seems like a portable version of Defend Your Castle, but with an army theme. You take control of a military base as you fend off hordes of infantry, tanks, choppers and more. A simple concept calls for a simple price, so its also only 200 DSi Points. What more could you ask for? We'll have reviews for all "new" DSiWare games soon.

Will you be buying any of this week's new downloadable tiles or will you be too busy with New Super Mario Bros. Wii to care?