Finally here!

After a week with no Virtual Console game, and the recent North American releases of Indiana Jones and Super Mario Kart, one would think that one or both of them would've been released in PAL regions this week - After all, either would've been the 300th VC game for Australia. Sadly, neither has been released, but we have finally gotten a certain DSiWare game.

Mighty Flip Champs took a while to come to Europe, but it's finally here! In this fun platformer/puzzle game, your goal is to make it through a multitude of stages by cleverly switching from screen to screen, each of which is slightly different, allowing you to progress. It's a bit hard to explain, but just trust us when we say it's one of the best DSiWare games. It costs 800 DSi Points.

We don't know much about Reflect Missile, other than the fact it's about reflecting missiles and that it's made by Q Games, who also developed Art Style: INTERSECT. We'll have a full review, info and screenshots detailing what it's about soon. It costs 500 DSi Points.

For Virtual Console there's just one game, and we can't imagine it's one too many people have been dying to see - Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye is, as you might guess, a shanghai game, in which you have a large stack of mahjong tiles which you must try to take away one by one. What's strange is that we're pretty sure this version of the game was never released in Europe, which led us to think it would be an import game. Best take advantage now if you're interested! We'll have a review soon.

WiiWare gets a nice amount of four new releases this week, all of which are priced at 500 Wii Points. Rabbids Lab is a downloadable version of a feature from the retail version of Rabbids Go Home - It allows you to customize your very own Rabbid and then play around with him inside your Wii remote. If this feature seemed fun to you but you weren't sure about the rest of the game, then check it out, we say! We'll review it soon.

Copter Crisis is Digital Leisure's latest - You use the Wii remote's pointer to maneuver a helicopter through treacherous terrain, hitting targets and avoiding obstacles. It seems pretty simple, but who knows, sometimes the simplest ideas can turn out to be very fun. The game also has DLC in the form of additional helicopters if you feel like spending. We'll have a review in the next few days.

Solitaire is as simple as it gets - It's solitaire, plain and simple. Yes, that game which is also on most PCs, in which you place playing cards in the correct rows. We're pretty confident that if you like the game, the WiiWare version will be just fine - How could you possibly mess up solitaire? We'll have a review soon.

Dragon Master Spell Caster is the only WiiWare game today that North America already got before. In it, you fly around on a dragon, exploring environments and battling other dragons. Sounds exciting, right? Well, don't be fooled, because it's not!

No big-name VC titles just yet - Hopefully next week!