... and the winner is?

Okay, so let's get started... we've drawn the winners from the 100s of entries using our very faithful rand() function.

Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games Giveaway

We've once again teamed up with SEGA to celebrate the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games giving you lucky readers the chance to win some official Mario & Sonic goodies. We've got 5x Packs up for grabs containing Official T-Shirt, Badge Set and Lanyard. All you had to do was complete the entry form and cross all your fingers and toes.

And the winners are...

  • [user:Yus]
  • [user:jayjay999]
  • [user:thebigM]
  • [user:Ike-Mike]
  • [user:Wombi]

Spore Hero Wii Giveaway

Along with our friends at EA we're giving you the chance to win a US copy of Spore Hero for Nintendo Wii to celebrate its recent release. The competition was open to US readers only this time.

And the winner is...

  • [user:xDlmaoxD]

Win a Nintendo DSi and a copy of Nostalgia

In celebration of the release of Ignition Entertainment's brand new DS RPG Nostalgia, we here at Nintendo Life are giving our North American readers a chance to win a brand new Nintendo DSi system and a copy of Nostalgia to play on it, lucky you!

And the winner is...

  • [user:warioswoods]

The Three Musketeers: One for All! Halloween Giveaway

To celebrate Halloween we've teamed up with Legendo to offer you 20 copies of the platform adventure The Three Musketeers: One for All!. The first 10 winners will be picked from our North American readers (that's NTSC/US consoles) and the second 10 winners will be picked from our UK/Europe/Australian readers (that's PAL consoles).

NTSC/US Winners

  • [user:liya789]
  • [user:vherub]
  • [user:Shmavey]
  • [user:Eric]
  • [user:Viper6391]
  • [user:Sigfried]
  • [user:SirGreatNose]
  • [user:wiiwareaddict]
  • [user:1greenring]
  • [user:Ho11oWxxMaN]

PAL Winners

  • [user:sarahforan]
  • [user:mouseybabe]
  • [user:Chibi Link]
  • [user:jpspurs]
  • [user:gra1952]
  • [user:martyy massacre]
  • [user:Rinji]
  • [user:comperoo]
  • [user:kippo1]
  • [user:moany_mum]

Congratulations to everyone who's a winner this time - we'll be emailing you on Monday for your postal address and/or Wii System code so get them ready! Didn't win this time? Don't worry, we'll be running some more competitions very soon.

A small note to those that won previously in the Metroid Prime Competition, Nintendo UK are still on the case and I'm breathing fire at them to get their prizes sent to you guys.. we've not forgotten about you </grumble>