Congrats, Josh - it suits you!

Our UK readers will probably have seen our adverts for Britain's Best Nintendo Gamer a month or so ago - in fact, some of you may even have competed at a GAME or Gamestation store - but we left you hanging on who emerged from the competition victorious. Well, hang no more - all can be revealed!

Well, almost all. Sadly, because of an unavoidable delay to the Nintendo Life Express we missed the semifinals of the competition, but arrived in time to see the four finalists battling it out on World 1-6 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, with the highest score deciding who would win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Kyoto.

With some amazing abilities on display - perhaps even on a par with Nintendo's Super Skills trailer - it was a close-run thing, but the clear victor at the level's end was 19-year old Josh Stevens from Berkshire. For his skill and dexterity - as well as somehow knowing all the level's secrets despite the game not being available yet - Josh won a trip for five to Kyoto, home of Nintendo, as well as a limited edition black Wii console and every Nintendo first-party title for the next year! Everyone who got through to the semifinals also won a year's supply of Nintendo games, which adds up to an awful lot of gaming.

Mamma mia!

Nintendo Life sends its sincerest (although extremely belated) congratulations to Josh, and apologises for the unflattering picture attached to this news story. It does make you look like Corobo from Little King's Story though Josh, and that's no bad thing.

If you live in Europe, keep your eyes peeled on the Nintendo Channel for Wii as there's scheduled to be an official video report on the day itself, with radio DJ and Ninty News presenter Iain Lee reporting on the day alongside the voice of Mario himself, Mr Charles Martinet, so you can see some of Josh's super skills in action.

In fact, speaking of Mr Martinet, we got the chance to sit down and talk to him about Mario, his career and how he gets up in the morning (the answer: noisily) for the latest episode of the Nintendo Life podcast. Make sure you give it a listen, if just for the sound of a grown man speaking nonsense in a high-pitched voice. And Charles does some Mario impressions, too.