With these preorder missions you are really spoiling us!

Ubisoft's forthcoming adventure C.O.P. The Recruit is already getting some people all hot under the collar - yes, it's an open world game on DS! - but some of you may need a little prod in the direction of which retailer to grab the game from. Well, here comes GameStop to save you the brain-ache with the announcement it's offering exclusive in-game missions to anyone who preorders and buys the title from one of their stores.

Understandably very little is known about the nature of the exclusive missions, but we do know the content comes in the form of an in-game code you'll enter to access the extra content. Of course, if that's the case you could always wait until someone posts the code on the 'net, but that would be depriving GameStop of your precious preorders, and you wouldn't want to do that.

C.O.P. The Recruit is scheduled for release in North America on Tuesday, November 3rd, so that leaves plenty of time to brush up on the game using our handy First Impressions article.

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