Epic fail

Despite Team Meat's penchant for heavy doses of tomfoolery, this is no joke or lame "Viral Marketing" technique: Team Meat Developer Edmund McMillen was hospitalized Sunday night with gall bladder inflammation. He required surgery to have it removed.

Making matters complicated is the fact that Edmund is one of the estimated 46 million Americans without health insurance. With the cost of a hospital stay added to the price for surgery, McMillen will be facing some hefty bills.

On the positive side, Edmund was released several hours ago and is resting at home. Additionally, Team Meat has made no mention of a delay for Super Meat Boy, still scheduled for Q1 2010. From an email sent by Team Meat's Tommy Refenes:

[McMillen] lives and breathes this game, even to the point when I spoke to him before surgery, he was talking about alt levels for Meat Boy and what we need to finish. All of our heart, soul, blood, sweat, and tears are in this game and we will stop at nothing to get it done.

All of us at Nintendo Life wish McMillen a speedy recovery. For the latest news check out SuperMeatBoy on Twitter.