Of course, with a release date set for December it's going to be a long time before we can vouch for what Mr Miyamoto says, but in a recent - and very short - interview with MTV he did speak very briefly about Link's upcoming adventures on DS and Wii.

Speaking about Spirit Tracks, he says that Phantom Hourglass was many people's first Zelda game, so they've tried to build on that and take more advantage of the DS hardware, and introduce elements such as the train travel, puzzles and so on.

Sadly there's even less information about the upcoming Zelda Wii title squeezed from Shiggy's lips, with the only comment that "it is very fun to move your body around," leading us to speculate on a Wii Sports Resort-style wakeboarding adventure for the little chap in green. Conquer dungeons with leaps and grabs! Defeat Ganondorf by landing a 1080º flip! You know it makes sense.

[source gonintendo.com]