Need some tips?

The folks at Nintendo were kind enough to send over a strategy tip sheet for their brand new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky DS release.

You can check out the strategy tips below and we'll have a full review of the game up soon.

1. Once the Croagunk Swap Shop is open, be sure to check back often to see what trades he has to offer. The list changes based on items you are carrying that can be traded.

2. Some Specialized Items can only be acquired through swapping, so think carefully before you sell or recycle any extras.

3. When taking on an escort for a dungeon with inclement weather, it may be a good idea to bring along a Pokémon that can alter the weather with its Moves or Abilities.

4. Use long range attacks to defeat Pokémon with the Aftermath Ability.

5. When rescuing a friend, a Monster House will always appear in the dungeon. Make sure to bring Pokémon that can handle fighting lots of foes.

6. You can often get more reward from doing multiple lower-rank jobs than from one job of a higher rank. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

8. Be careful when defeating enemy Pokémon near a Kecleon Shop. If the enemy Pokémon has Aftermath as an Ability, defeating it near Kecleon can cause him to become angry at the player.

9. Kecleon is possibly the most difficult Pokémon to befriend. In order to increase the odds of him to consider joining your team, your lead Pokémon should be level 100, should have Fast Friend as an ability and should be holding the Golden Mask. Then all that’s left is stealing from him and…

10. Zero Isle North is best attempted at level 100, since enemy Pokémon get extremely powerful within a few floors.

11. To get an edge in Zero Isle East, fill some of the allowed item slots with Joy Seeds or Golden Seeds. This will allow you to level up your Pokémon quickly to get a level advantage.

12. Jynx is amazing for beating the most difficult dungeons in the game, such as Zero Isle West, Zero Isle South and Destiny Tower. It begins with the area-of-effect move Powder Snow.