Snowy adventures in Super Empire Strikes Back

Just three new games this week, but the offerings are quite good - Virtual Console and DSiWare get two new games in familiar series while WiiWare gets a puzzle game Japan has had since December last year.

Of course the biggest release of the week is Super Empire Strikes Back, the second SNES Star Wars game. As you can probably guess, it's based on Episode V of the movie series, and as such, features levels based on events you'll probably recognize if you've seen the film. Like the first one, it's also quite a competent game and is well worth playing.

DSiWare's new release is no slouch either - Art Style: INTERSECT's North American title, DIGIDRIVE, revealed that this is actually the third Art Style game to based on one of the Japan-exclusive bit Generations titles for the Game Boy Advance. It's also one of the more complicated titles in the series - the objective is to move around triangle-shaped objects, eventually causing a circular disc shown on the right of the screen to jet forward. The aim is to get the disc as far as possible, but a constantly moving piston is chasing it, and if the two collide it's game over. We'll review this remake soon. Like the previous Art Style games on DSiWare, it costs 500 DSi Points.

Tonight's final release is WiiWare game "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game, which Japan has had for almost a year. In this cartoony puzzler you play as Milo, a little boy who loves puzzles. He loves them so much, in fact, that his dad trapped him in a room filled with them, and unless he solves them all, he's never getting out! Although it might seem a bit childish, graphics-wise, it's only 500 Wii Points, so might actually be quite good? We'll have a review available soon.

WiiWare has finally almost reached 100 games in Europe. Will anything special be released here as well, we wonder?