It's Fatal Fury II, but _special_

Owing to a holiday on Tuesday Nintendo are releasing downloads for both Wii and DSi on Wednesday. Only one WiiWare release and two VC releases appear for the Wii, though Virtual Console fans will be excited to see the first NEO GEO game in ages. 4 DSiWare releases join them including a catch-up Art Style game and some more mahjong on-the-go.

Ah! Eureka! Item Search Game (500pts - Ateam) -- Next week's sole WiiWare release is a "find the items" game similar to the recently-reviewed Cate West Wii disc release. This one is bright and colourful so it should appeal to the kiddies and takes place in a zoo.

Virtual Console
Fire Emblem Gaiden (500pts Famicom - Nintendo) -- The 2nd and last Fire Emblem entry on the Famicom; also never released outside of Japan.

Garou Densetsu Special (900pts NEO GEO - SNK Playmore) -- Released elsewhere as Fatal Fury Special, this is an update to Fatal Fury 2 with some extra characters and gameplay changes.

It's Mahjong but _handy_

Kyoto Students Taishi Higashida Thought Puzzle Inspiration Signed Painting (200pts - Jupiter Corporation) -- This appears to be an attempt to render a children's puzzle book into a DSiWare game. Use the stylus to do colouring, draw lines between matching shapes and other simple games.

Daily Sodateru Diary Calendar (200pts - IE Institute) -- More lifestyle stuff from IE Institute. To be honest it's difficult to tell what this is supposed to be for -- some kind of diary? Anyway you cannot have enough calendar programs on DSi, can you?

Handy Mahjong (200pts - ITL) -- Yet another mahjong game, but this one is a two-player game similar to those you'd find in a Japanese arcade -- minus the nekkid anime girls. You can even play this locally head-to-head if you can find someone else with a Japanese DSi who's downloaded it!

Art Style: Digidrive (500pts - Nintendo) -- This appears to be the Japanese version of Art Style: Intersect -- already reviewed in this very website!