It's coming!

There's a whole lot of Japan-exclusive WiiWare games we'd love to see released elsewhere, as unlikely as some of them are. However, the USK has rated a certain game which is a real shocker - We thought it would be the absolute least likely game to be brought over.

Muscle March was released on WiiWare in Japan last May, after being scrapped for release in actual arcades. Seemingly taking inspiration from similarly crazy Japanese games like Cho Aniki, you play as one of several muscle-bound characters as you and a bunch of others chase after the crook who has made off with your precious supply of protein.

As the criminal is chased all throughout the city, he'll frantically flail his arms around and crash through walls - The gameplay consists of nothing more than using the Wii remote and nunchuk to put your character's arms in the same positions as the shape of the hole in each wall in order to get through unharmed. With its completely insane premise and catchy soundtrack it actually seems quite fun, and we hope we can get our hands on it soon enough.

In the meantime, you can read Sean's first impressions and be jealous over the fact he's played it, or watch an utterly crazy gameplay video: