More screen for your buck!

The DSi launch may seem like it was only yesterday but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from announcing a new version of its portable gaming system.

As we reported recently, the large-screen DSi - known as the DSi LL - will feature bigger displays (4.2 inch, to be exact) and a longer stylus. Because it's bigger, it will obviously weigh more than the DS Lite and DSi, but the battery life should be improved.

For more information - albeit in Japanese - visit the Nintendo of Japan website.

In addition to this, the Japanese version of the console - which will be launched on the 21st of November at 20,000 Yen - will come pre-loaded with the DSiWare titles A Bit of Brain Training: Arts, A Bit of Brain Training: Science and Kiyou Akira Rakuhiku Language Easier.

While we welcome any new Nintendo hardware launch, we can't help but feel this move is something of a mistake: people that have just shelled out for the shiny new DSi - which, lest we forget, is an upgrade of a machine most Nintendo fans already own anyway - will be pretty angry right now. How many upgrades is too many upgrades?