You'd better have been good, for goodness' sake!

Good news has made its way to the inbox of many in the NA region who qualified for Elite Status this past year: Club Nintendo is getting ready to drop its bagful of goodies.

If all goes well, Christmas might come a little early for those fortunate gamers who earned enough coins for a Mario hat or a copy of Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!

If you selected a prize but did not receive an email from Club Nintendo, it might be worth wading through your spam filter. For those interested, the entire email is reproduced below:

Hello [you old such-and-such],

We wanted to let you know that we are preparing to begin shipping
the 2009 Elite Status Rewards!

We had thousands of loyal Nintendo fans reach Elite Status last June
and it is going to take us a couple of weeks to ship all the orders.

So, even though your friends or neighbors may receive their Reward
before you do, please be assured that your order is being processed too!

You will receive another email when your reward order ships.

Thank you for your interest and excitement and we hope you enjoy your
Club Nintendo Elite Status Reward.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Consumer Service Department

Have you been lucky enough to receive such an email? If not, don't despair - there's still time!