Halloween gets a retro makeover

Ah, Halloween, the one day of the year where little kids are encouraged to defy all parental advice and take candy from strangers. It's so close you can almost feel the post-holiday sugar hangover. Are you excited? Nintendo Life is pretty excited, and that's not just the sugar talking.

We all got so excited that we teamed up with our resident 8-bit artiste extraordinaire pixelman to bring you some exclusive spooky retro decoration goodness to terrorize your household. Hooray! All you gotta do is right/option-click the images you want and choose "Save Linked File As" or whatever similar action your operating system calls it. And print them too, obviously.

Hang them all over the place and make the rest of your decorations jealous. Or, in case you need a last-minute costume, just attach one to your face. Eye holes be damned!

Big thanks to pixelman, and keep your eyes on Nintendo Life for more Halloween funtime!