The most oblivious neighbors of all time!

In the latest OFLC update, fans of LucasArts will find that one of their most requested games seems to be on its way to the Virtual Console at long last.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors is an awesome SNES and Mega Drive game in which you play as one or two teenagers attempting to rescue their neighbors from zombies, mummies, vampires, aliens and other classic movie monsters. You've got a huge arsenal to accomplish this - Everything from squirt guns, to bazookas, flamethrowers, exploding soda cans and even Pandora's box.

With over 55 sizeable levels, including hidden ones, highly addictive gameplay, a great soundtrack and more, it's quite easy to see why fans have wanted it on the Virtual Console for so long. We are assuming that it's the SNES version, so that LucasArts can keep in line with their Super Star Wars games.

Before the Wii was even released, the game was given a rating by North America's ESRB, along with multiple other games, which lead many to believe that it was going to be released on Virtual Console shortly after the Wii was out - But those ratings were later removed, indicating that it must've been a mistake of some kind. Worry no longer though, because it seems that this time, it's finally coming!