A man can dream...

New Starfox this, new Starfox that; there's been a lot of talk about the series recently, so here's a little filler in for the people who haven't been closely following. You may have read the articles back a few weeks claiming that in the next Nintendo Power issue, a new Starfox game for Wii would be revealed. The rumoured game, titled "Star Fox Wii: Battle for Corneria", would allegedly implement Wii MotionPlus support, with an online battle mode utilising the Wii Speak accessory. Sounds awesome right? Well it was... until the same article was updated three days after it was first published, adding a headline that declared the information was false. Too good to be true, eh?

Let’s go back a few months, April in fact. Dylan Cuthbert was a developer who had been there ever since Fox first went into space. When asked about the next game, however, he claimed that he wasn't interested in a Wii sequel (yep we all remember what he infamously said, which he later clarified I might add), so all hope was initially lost. Incidentally, Cuthbert not long ago worked on the brilliant PixelJunk series.

You may be wondering what's next for Fox then. Well don't look too sad because yet another source has claimed that a new game is in production. Nintendo news site Infendo published a minor article claiming that an anonymous tip was given, and that the next Star Fox game is most definitely in the works; without providing further details other than it could be for either the DS or Wii. Rumour again? Only Nintendo knows. Be sure though that we'll do our best to keep all you guys updated.

Well I've rambled on way over what your average news article should be, so it's over to your opinions and views now. On a final note though, coming from me and the whole Nintendo Life team, Nintendo please say it's so! [Agreed! - Editor]

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