Wil's style will be recognisable to hardcore UK retro gamers

If you're a UK-based SNES fan then chances are you will recall a fantastic magazine called Super Play.

Easily the best publication devoted to Nintendo's 16-bit machine, the mag was especially notable for focusing on import releases (when all other magazines ignored them) and the burgeoning anime craze, which back in early '90s was only just starting to take hold in the West.

While the content of the publication was pretty great, its presentation is arguably what fans remember it most fondly for. Each issue featured a unique piece of cover artwork by the one and only Wil Overton, who also contributed reviews in later issues.

Wil has since gone on to find employment at former Nintendo second-party studio Rare (he was heavily involved in the look and feel of Perfect Dark Zero) and along with fellow staffers he's created Smart Bomb - a comic book which contains gorgeous images, a dash of humour and an awful lot of video game references.

Here's the official description of this amazing piece of work:

We guess the best way to describe it is a modern day, video game-related version of those old British adventure comics of the 70s and 80s like 2000AD, Battle and Action. There's 40, full-colour pages packed with adventure, action and excitement and it's all-ages friendly too, so there's nothing kids can't see.

You can check out the issue in digital format here, but in our opinion nothing beats actually having a physical copy, and those can be ordered from DinkyBox, Wil's own website from which he and his wife sell all manner of cool Japanese toys.

[source dinkybox.com]