More on the way?

GoNintendo is reporting that our genie-related prayers may be answered soon. The long-teased and seemingly forgotten sequel to 2002's Game Boy Color title Shantae might be closer than we think.

It all began with the lastest issue of Nintendo Power, which promised the reveal of a DSiWare title "that should make many of you very, very happy."

Though speculation has been running rampant since that tease, the latest tweet from developer WayForward Technologies has added some Shantae-flavored fuel to the fire:

Nintendo Power teasing a MAJOR DSiWare release in the next issue? AND it will make many gamers 'very, very happy'? Hmmm.

While this certainly isn't a confirmation of a DSiWare-bound Shantae sequel, it is worth noting that the icon for WayForward's Twitter account is a screenshot of the never-released GBA Shantae sequel. Could we finally be seeing that project come to fruition via DSiWare? You know, the one that the cruel sadists at WayForward have been hinting at for years?

We'll have to wait at least until someone gets their mitts on the next issue of Nintendo Power to find out.