You may not want to trade in for that new colour just yet...

A common question we get asked here at Nintendo Life (and especially since the new DSi colours were announced) reads something like this:

"If someone were to buy a different coloured DSi, can DSiWare purchases be taken from the original DSi and transferred to the new one?"

Well we did a bit of digging for you, and talking to the kind folks over at Nintendo of Australia, found out that the official policy on transferring purchases made on a DSi console.

Basically, you can't.

Any purchases made cannot be transferred to a new console, even if it looks prettier.

There are exceptions to the rule - they are more than happy to transfer those purchases if the original console is in an unplayable condition. They have special kits that enable them to find out what has been downloaded to the DSi without having to turn the system on. They also said that in order for them to transfer from one to another, they need both consoles in their possession.

So there you have it folks, while we only have this confirmed by Nintendo of Australia, it wouldn't be surprising if Europe and North America had similar, if not identical policies regarding transferring of data. We only wish we had happier news to give!