Humble beginnings!

Although WiiWare and DSiWare have a lot of games left to get this year, if everything on Nintendo's list actually comes out, that doesn't mean the Virtual Console is going to suffer from it (At least not yet) - Today sees the release of two new retro games, just like last week. WiiWare gets two games as well, while DSiWare gets a single application.

For most people, the biggest release this week is probably Super Star Wars for the Virtual Console. This classic LucasArts SNES game is based on Episode IV of the Star Wars movies, meaning you can relive the late 70's all over again. On top of that, it's actually quite a competent game - Both of its sequels are arguably better, but you definitely won't be disappointed by this one. Read our review to find out more.

Sega fans will probably dig today's other VC game a little bit more though - The arcade version of Golden Axe is, naturally, the original version of the already available Mega Drive game. Unlike most home console ports, though, the only thing the arcade game really has over the Mega Drive version is the graphics - The Mega Drive version actually has a few extra levels and an extra mode, which means you're actually getting more for less money, because, just like Altered Beast, this arcade version actually costs 900 Wii Points instead of 800. Still, if you're curious about Golden Axe's origins - You can get the game tonight. We'll review it within the next few days.

Magnetis for WiiWare is a hectic puzzle game, in which the objective is to combine magnets with each other. It is possible to put many blocks between magnets as well, so that when the magnets come together, all the blocks between are taken along, giving you more points. With a ton of modes (Such as Normal, TIme Attack, Block Attack, Battle, Coop and Team Battle) and the lowest possible Wii Shop price of 500 Wii Points, it seems like it should be worth your money if you like puzzle games in the slightest.

Only the youngest need apply for Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 - Specifically made for young children, it seems to be a collection of very simple minigames, featuring cute, colourful characters. Mainly meant for some basic education, it is of course logical that anyone over the age of 6 should stay away, but for parents with young kids, perhaps it's worth a download for its measly 500 Wii Point price? We'll review it soon.

DSiWare gets its umpteenth new application today - MySims Camera seems to not be much more than being able to add MySims characters to pictures you take with the DSi's camera. For 200 points it's as cheap as can be, but we've really got to wonder who would download this! We'll also review it soon.

That's it for this time! We wonder how long Nintendo of Europe will keep releasing 2 VC games in each week.