You will believe a penguin can a cliff.

After a wee holiday from the Japanese download service, WiiWare has come back with three new titles along with three Virtual Console titles and four DSiWare titles for happy downloaders everywhere.

Minna de Tobikome Penguin Diving Hooper Looper (500pts - Agenda-Game) – A "racing" game involving diving penguins, as you would expect. The game seems to use the remote on its side, with tilting "Wii Wheel"-style controls directing your penguin's path through seven different dives. The goal in the dives is simple: to go through various rings on your descent in an attempt to get the best possible score whilst hitting a final target in the water (as opposed to planting your head in dirt). You dive from seven locales including various icebergs, down a waterfall, through the depths of a cave and even from another planet down to earth. Also features local splitscreen multiplayer for up to four players and wi-fi leaderboards.

Happy hippos in your lounge!

F・O・R・T・U・N・E: Fortune Hoshi no Furi Sosogu Oka (1000pts - Cybird) – The genre for this game is listed as "Action Adventure Astrology" and indeed fortunes do seem to play a role in this game, which sees you controlling a little witch who travels to different village locations. What you do there isn't terribly clear beyond speaking to people in town and casting spells.

Animal Life (500pts - Hudson) – Known in the West as My Zoo, this game seems to put the player in the role of zoo keeper or patron. You can simply observe the animals or you can interact with them, clean their paddocks and even breed them and raise the offspring by hand. There are eight animals to start with and additional species to purchase as DLC.

Virtual Console
Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishijyuurokubei no Karakuri Manji Katame (Super Famicom 800pts - Konami) – The third entry in the popular Goemon series from Konami. It's regarded by fans as one of the best games in the series, though it's a bit of a departure from the previous games by featuring a strong RPG component. There's a lot of chatting to villagers in Japanese to progress the story, so importers beware!

Dragon Bustin' makes me feel good!

Dragon Saber (Arcade 800pts - Namco) – Sequel to Dragon Spirit. This game was slightly more forgiving in difficulty than its predecessor and allowed for a second player to join in for co-op play. It has never been released on a compilation outside of Japan, where it appeared in the Namco Museum R (Encore) compilation for the Sony Playstation. There has already been a PC Engine port on the Japanese Virtual Console for some time, but the higher resolution graphics and better animation will make the original arcade game the version to get.

Dragon Buster (Arcade 800pts - Namco) – The last of the first run of Namco's Virtual Console Arcade offerings, Dragon Buster is a 2D action game where you control a hero with a sword on a quest through a series of dungeons with the ultimate goal of rescuing the princess. Seen previously in the West as part of the Namco Museum Volume 2 for the Sony Playstation, this title also has a Famicom port on the Wii Virtual Console, though as with Dragon Saber the arcade version is the definitive one.

G.G. Series Z・ONE (200pts - Genterprise) – A side-scrolling shooter where the player is trying to navigate through a maze of blocks and enemy turrets. It's not clear if the blocks can be destroyed, but from screenshots it looks like Arkanoid-meets-Gradius.

Alice Destroys Wonderland

G.G. Series Wonder Land (200pts - Genterprise) – Another entry in Genterprise's cheap-and-cheerful series of arcade games for DSiWare. As the title suggests this is an Alice in Wonderland-themed bullet hell shooter!

Asoberu Ehon Mind Ten (500pts - Nintendo) – A board/card game from Nintendo for 1-4 players. From watching video it's not really clear what the object is, but there are characters that look like Victorian block prints having animal heads and colourful poker chips in rows. If anyone has a clue, please fill us in!

Saikyoo Silver Star Go (500pts - Silver Star Japan) – The classic game of Go on your DSi for one or two players.