Spin that blade Warrior of Argus!

More arcade classics for the Virtual Console and DSiWare gets the spotlight as WiiWare takes another holiday.

For a second week running there's no new WiiWare titles for Japan, but at least there's two VCA titles for the Virtual Console on the way next Tuesday. DSiWare definitely gets the spotlight next week with multiple releases, though the majority are part of a new Nintendo lifestyle series.

Virtual Console
Argus no Senshi (Arcade, 800pts - Tecmo) — Known elsewhere as RYGAR, this is one of Tecmo's most popular arcade games and it has a sequel on the Wii in the form of Rygar: The Battle of Argus.
Dragon Spirit (Arcade, 800pts - Namco) — Another vertical shooter from Namco, this one sees you controlling a dragon in some kind of post-apocalyptic future fighting assorted critters on land, sea and air. There's a passable TG-16/PC Engine port on the Virtual Console already, but there's no doubt the arcade version will offer a superior experience.

Old-school action from Square

200V Challenge Spirit Mahjong (200pts - Tasuke) — A mahjong tournament game for only 200 points? Yes it seems so, though it is only single player.
Saikyoo Yokosuku Action Volume 1: Noroi no Game Chi (500pts - Square-Enix) & Saikyoo Yokosuku Action Volume 2: Noroi no Game Goku (500pts - Square-Enix) — These are the "cursed games" from the full DS survival horror titles Nanshi no Game and Nanashi no Game Me presented on their own.
Kyoo Kara Hajimeru Facening: Kao Tore-mini 1-5 (500pts - Nintendo) — Rather than list each one separately let's just say that Nintendo are publishing a series of 5 different facial exercise programs designed to make one look more beautiful/youthful. This seems to be a popular thing right now in Japan with the idea being to improve skin elasticity, etc. These programs run you through a few exercises each and use the camera to, uh, track your progress. Right. It's probably just better to see for yourself!