OMG what did you do to my particle effects?

Before this turns into a mud-slinging match, let's just point out that Metroid Prime Trilogy is fantastic. Being able to play all three games on one disc is a godsend and we rightly awarded it a whopping 10/10 when we reviewed it recently.

With that out of the way, it's time to face up to an inconvenient truth - the versions of the games on Trilogy don't look as good as they did originally.

The video below illustrates the visual differences between the two, with the Wii installments taking a hit in terms of texture quality and particle effects. Water effects are also less impressive.

Not that it makes any difference to how well the game plays, of course, but it's interesting to see that we're actually taking a step backwards in terms of graphics on the Wii.

Updated: It seems this issue has been widely talked about and thanks to you, our readers, it's become clear that the "missing" effects are a combination of features that were either added to the European original version of Metroid Prime and weapon effects that were fixed on-screen that had to be removed due to the Wii version having moving on-screen weapons. We'd suggest you scan down the comments for this article and read the longer ones.