Zombies. Always with the zombies.

Has the Mushroom Kingdom ever really been a happy place? Seems every time we visit the castle is under siege, the princess is kidnapped and a Brooklyn plumber goes on a killing spree.

The old kingdom looks like it's going to be in for another bumpy ride as, what else, zombies are preparing to muck up the post-apocalyptic place via the fan-made campaign Mushroom Massacre for PC title Left 4 Dead.

Still very much a work-in-progress, the campaign seems heavily based on Super Mario 64, with Zoey, Louis, Francis and Bill so far only having Bob-omb Battlefield to try not to die in. Author DoritoClock is open for suggestion on what other locales in which to plop the undead in, so hop on over to the L4Dmaps page and let 'em know where you'd want to make dead things deader.

If you've got a PC copy of the game, this might be worth keeping on your radar.

[source gonintendo.com]