Oh lordy

We can all stop guessing about cryptic images for what Gaijin Games has in store for the third installment of Commander Video's journey through the BIT.TRIP saga, as that teaser site has finally put out.

Titled BIT.TRIP VOID, the latest entry has you navigating a black hole of adjustable size as you try to intercept other black dots and stay away from presumably nasty, nasty white ones, which strikes of Ikaruga somehow.

VOID promises 4-player local co-op, big bosses and "hyper-realistic retro cutscenes." Chiptuner Nullsleep will guest star, but we're not certain if he's doing all the tracks or just contributing. Oh, and mid-level checkpoints are in, which should allow us all to keep whatever hair we have on our heads after BEAT and CORE; then again, looking at the devilish patterns you'll need to navigate, you might want to invest in some Rogaine soon. Gaijin is also courteous enough to include nunchuck and Classic Controller support, just in case the Wiimote alone doesn't pack enough oomph going through your TV.

Aksys Games, a publisher of interactive entertainment software, is proud to announce the next evolution in CommanderVideo’s journey, BIT.TRIP VOID! Developed exclusively for WiiWare™ by the crazy brains at Gaijin Games, BIT.TRIP VOID is the next entry in the critically acclaimed retro-arcade BIT.TRIP series which follows CommanderVideo on his epic journey from the ethereal to the corporeal, and beyond...


BIT.TRIP VOID is a synesthetic exploration of rhythm and music as they pertain to our everyday lives and moods. In a control scheme brand new to the series, yet wholly familiar to gamers, the player is given complete freedom to move about the screen wherever they desire, interacting with the music in brand new ways. The classic gameplay aesthetic remains, as color—and the absence of color—are explored to the fullest.

Trip out in up to 4-player co-op and get lost in the beat with your friends! See if you can survive the onslaught of Beats and further your own BIT.TRIP.

BIT.TRIP VOID completes the first chapter in CommanderVideo's journey with a synesthetic exploration of mind/beat interaction. But as one chapter ends, another begins…” states Alex Neuse, Designer, Gaijin Games. “We hope that you find this game as beautiful as we do, and we can't wait to make another one for you. Keep rockin'!”

Key Features:

You Are Not Alone…
Trip out in up to 4-player co-op and get lost in the beat with your friends!

Keeping It Real!
BIT.TRIP VOID expands on the retro style with the blending of Synesthetic Music & Art and hyper-realistic retro cutscenes!

Dance To These Killer Grooves!
Aficionados of chiptunes will definitely want to groove to the beats of chiptunes master, “Nullsleep”!

Get Hyped!
Nunchuk™ & Classic Controller™ support, mid-level checkpoints, epic boss battles…what else can you ask for?!

This weekend, PAX attendees will be able to get a crack at the game early while the rest of us wait until it's Fall release.

Keep it tuned to Nintendo Life for all things retro and difficult as they're revealed! In the meantime, check out the trailer below and start preparing whole new strings of swear words.

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