Game exclusivity begins

Back when the DSi was announced, Nintendo revealed that the new handheld would pack more horsepower under the hood than the DS and Lite. It certainly wasn't the first time the company had released an incremental upgrade to handheld hardware; apart from the obvious color screen, the Game Boy Color was essentially a slightly beefed-up Game Boy, complete with exclusive games to take advantage of its new power.

History is set to repeat itself this fall, as Kotaku is reporting that the first DSi-only retail releases will hit this fall. To set them apart from your run-of-the-mill DS release, the boxes and game cards will be Wii-white, with a big disclaimer that they'll only play on a DSi.

Game Boy Color-exclusive cartridges included larger corners to prevent older Game Boys from booting them, but it's unclear whether there will be any kind of dimension changes for these new ones.

No word yet on what titles will be DSi-only, but keep it tuned to Nintendo Life for more as this develops.