Little Red Riding Hood has undergone something of an image overhaul, as you can see

EnjoyUp Games has confirmed today that it is working with Gammick Entertainment to release its shooter title Little Red Riding Hood Zombie BBQ on DSiWare in Europe.

The game was previously only available in North America (and some parts of Europe) as a fully-fledged DS retail release. We reviewed it a while back and thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is a pretty unique move; while we've had numerous cut-down versions of retail games on DSiWare, this represents the first time that a full-sized retail game has been shoehorned onto the format. It also shows that publishers are willing to use DSiWare as a low-cost, low-risk alternative to distributing a game via retail stores, where the cost of producing physical copies makes releasing low-profile titles less profitable. Could we see other import-only retail titles making their way to DSiWare? Let's hope so.

Equally interesting news is that the DSiWare version will feature an improved frame rate - something that is presumably made possible thanks to the DSi's more powerful hardware.