Every Contra game needs missiles!

It's been a long time since a new Contra game was released in Europe - Although an awesome game, Contra 4 on DS never made the jump to European stores. What made this even weirder is the fact that it actually included the European Probotector robots as unlockable characters!

Thankfully this latest installment in the series will see European release - And it will be very soon, in fact! Contra Rebirth will be available after tonight's Wii/DSi updates for 1000 Wii Points. If we are to believe impressions of the Japanese version, this one doesn't try anything fancy - It's just pure, straight-up 2D action. And of course it's still as hard as it's always been!

Here's what Konami has to say on the matter:

Konami unleashes Contra Rebirth on WiiWare!

Classic arcade shooter heads to Wii from September 4th

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced it will unleash an all-new version of its classic Contra series on Wii from September 4th.

Entitled Contra Rebirth, the new game retains the all-action mix of platform and shooting elements that has established the series as a genre classic, as is available for just 1000 Nintendo Points.

Series heroes Bill Rizer and Lance Bean return to blast their way through five alien-laden stages, picking up a wealth of collectible weaponry along the way. Machine guns, shot guns, homing missiles and lasers are used to lay waste to wave after wave of the Neo-Salamander invasion force, while Contra’s classic end-of-level bosses return in typically grandiose style.

With three difficulty levels, Contra Rebirth contains everything that made the Contra series so renowned: guns, monsters, and a tough challenge!

So, who will be downloading this bad boy?