Contrary to popular belief, game companies have a vested interest in making money. Things that appear to be massive fan service, like Capcom's downloadable retro sequel Mega Man 9, bank on said fans actually buying the game, especially when considering doing it all again.

So how were those sales?

Christian Svensson, corporate officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development, said over on the Capcom Unity forums:

I don’t think we were disappointed by it. I can’t say right now whether or not you’ll see more in this style but I know there’s creative interest in doing so.

Certainly doesn't sound like they were blown away with sales of Mega Man 9. Then again, it received fan and critical acclaim alike, and the whole retro sequel thing seems to be the cool thing to do nowadays. If Capcom can pull it off again, which we just know they can, gamers would certainly be in for a treat. Let's just hope the creative interest turns into, you know, money-making action.

What other Capcom series would you like get the old-school shuffle?