Draw whatever you want and then animate it in Flipnote Studio.

For the first time in quite a while, this week brings us two new DSiWare games. Today's other new releases aren't exactly surprising!

For DSiWare, there's the previously announced Flipnote Studio, a nifty application which lets you draw your very own animations, which you can then fine-tune in various ways before uploading them to a special site and showing them off to others all over the world. The best part about this is that the app is completely free! Out of nowhere, it was suddenly released in North America yesterday, so we're in the process of reviewing it.

Sujin Taisen Number Battles is a bit of a strange pick, as it's pretty much another "A Little Bit of" package, except this time based on a DS game not released outside of Japan! The game is apparently a little bit like dominos - You must attempt to place tiles next to tiles with the same number on them. Those who have played it say it's quite a good little puzzler, so we're pretty curious to see what it's like. Best of all - Unlike any of Nintendo's "A Little Bit of" games, this one actually still has Wi-Fi multiplayer! We'll review it soon. It'll cost you 500 DSi Points.

For WiiWare, there's Family Slot Car Racing, another game in Aksys Games's "Family" series. Strangely, this means Family Pirate Party is being skipped now, but as that wasn't exactly too good it doesn't really matter! This particular game features, as the title reveals, slot car racing - Not too exciting, but as always, we hope the series has finally gotten a good game. It'll be reviewed soon. It'll cost 500 Wii Points, like all other games in the series.

WiiWare also gets 3-2-1, Rattle Battle! by Tecmo. Previously released in Japan under a different title, this is a collection of 12 minigames heavily reliant on motion controls. As if we didn't already have enough of those! We'll figure out its mysteries when it's released and will have a review up soon after. It'll also cost you 500 Wii Points.

The Virtual Console gets yet another Sega game - Phantasy Star is the first game in the popular RPG series. It's about time, because the other three retro installments are all already available! As it's the first game in the series, it's slightly dated and difficult to get into - But hardcore RPG fans will definitely get a nostalgic kick out of it. As with all Master System games, it'll cost 500 Wii Points.

That's it for this week! Will you be taking the plunge on any of the titles we know little about, will you stick with the well-known Phantasy Star or will you spend absolutely nothing and just get Flippote Studio?

[source officialnintendomagazine.co.uk]